Well-being When You’re Looking For A New Job

September 16th, 2018

Looking for a new job can be a marathon or a sprint. It can be soul destroying and frustrating. If this is the case for you, it’s important to think about your well-being during this time. By planning your day and having routine is a great way to go.

Here is our top tips for well-being when you’re looking for a new job:

In a job already? Hand in that notice!

It’s no good staying in a job when you’re not happy. The smallest thing becomes something huge. Colleagues pick up your bad vibes. So, I think it’s best to hand in your notice and get started with the job search. I know it’s scary if you don’t have something else to go to. But I’ve found it’s what is needed to kick start your search; there’s no motivation quite like it.

Don’t search all day

You can feel like you need to be searching all hours of the day. But don’t. Recruiters get up early and normally have a morning meeting at 8am. So get up nice and early too and apply for any new positions. After their meeting they check the emails and application and get back to you before lunch.

Take a break.

It’s easy to feel that you can’t leave your desk. But it’s ok, make some lunch, go for a walk. Emails and voicemails with be saved. So don’t worry, you can get back to recruiters when you’re ready.

Be constructive. Get off social media.

It’s going to make you feel bad if you know you’ve spent all day on social media. So, get off it. Keep that for your personal time. Try and think if there is something more constructive you could be doing. Learning something advantageous or ironing a shirt for your next interview.

Exercise often.

Getting outside in green space and exercising during the day is a great way to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. I find that going for a run is a great break from a difficult problem and normally when I get back; I have a new way to tackle it.

Pick yourself up when you’re feeling down.

If you have to ring a recruiter back or are loosing motivation after having lots of interviews with no luck. Take a deep breath. Look out the window for a few minutes (looking at green space can really help reduce stress). Your positivity can set you apart from others and no one wants to speak to someone who seems uninterested or a bit bummed out. So keep the chin up and be upbeat.

Handling rejection

Everyone gets rejected from time to time. So don’t let it get you down. It happens. But, if you can, try and get some constructive feedback and learn for next time.