Expired: Backend (Go) Developer

Full-time at Fresh8 in Temple Gate, Bristol

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About the job

Bristol digital agency Fresh8 who specialise in online gaming. Are looking for a Backend Developer to join them in Bristol (Temple Gate). You’ll need a modern backend language but then you start you’ll be primarily using Go; which we are big fans of.

It’s a great opportunity for any Mid-weight develop looking at gaining some experience working with Go and developing for some of the world’s leading gambling operators.


We’re currently working on

  • Automated scaling of our platform to handle over 20x spikes in requests
  • Improving stability across the platform using monitoring of metrics, profiling services, and benchmarking core functionality
  • Reducing developer toil by automating repetitive tasks for integrations of new clients and third party feeds
  • Building data pipelines to facilitate business intelligence and user segmentation for advanced ad targeting
  • Exploring containerisation across the platform to orchestrate microservices, improve time to deployment pipelines, and reduce infrastructure costs


We’re looking for

  • Someone with proven back end coding skills using a modern language
  • Experience with productionising microservices; health checks, load balancing, service discovery, metrics, circuit breaking, etc.
  • A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent understanding
  • Familiarity with Agile working practices
  • Experience utilising databases, SQL or NoSQL
  • Deep understanding of approaches to testing
  • Experience with version control systems, such as Git
  • Someone ready for Senior level Back End Developer jobs in Bristol such as: Go Developer | Golang Developer | Java Developer | Node.js Developer | PHP Developer | Python Developer | Ruby Developer | Back End Developer etc.

You may also bring – or like to gain – skills in any of the following

  • Professional experience with Go
  • Optimisation and scaling of microservices
  • Docker and containerisation
  • gRPC and protobuf

We’ll help you get up to speed on our technology mix

Go (aka Golang) | microservices | Node.js | Python | BigQuery | Prometheus / Kibana | PostgreSQL | Redis | Aerospike | distributed systems | Google Pub/Sub | GCP technologies | machine learning | Kanban | TDD | and more…

How to apply

Please send a copy of your CV to: david@fresh8gaming.com

Apply by email Visit Website



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Posted on

31st October 2018

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