Expired: Ruby & JavaScript Developer

Full-time at ClickMechanic in Shepherd's Bush, West London

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About the job

Online marketplace for vehicle repairs ClickMechanic are looking for a Full-stack Ruby and JavaScript developer in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. It will be a great opportunity to transform their existing jQuery Mobile application to a modern framework like React whilst maintaining their Ruby backend.


The Role

As a full-stack developer in a small team, you will work across all aspects of the product from architecture and DevOps to code reviews and tech support. Working alongside our CTO & Head of Engineering, you will deliver new features and continually improve our existing code.

Technology underpins our entire business. We’ve built an industry-leading quote engine and mobile Mechanic App. We consume millions of rows of third-party automotive data and have implemented machine learning to improve the accuracy of our quotes.


  • Writing well-tested production code in Ruby and JavaScript.
  • Refactoring and rearchitecting legacy code where appropriate to ensure you always leave it better than you found it.
  • Reviewing code fairly and honestly; and receiving code reviews openly on each of your pull requests.
  • Collaboration with business stakeholders to develop requirements and expectations.
  • Collaboration with technical stakeholders to discuss constraints and opportunities.
  • Monitoring our production systems and providing technical support to the business.
  • Maintaining our development pipeline and toolchain.
  • Innovation and self-led learning.

Our Technology

As a startup, we prefer open-source technologies. Our main app is built with Ruby (on Rails) and is hosted on Heroku and AWS. We use both PostgreSQL and SQL Server relational databases and also MongoDB and Elasticsearch NoSQL databases.

Our mobile Mechanic App is built on JQuery mobile and we are planning to rearchitect this system onto a more modern framework (e.g. React) soon.

Our development pipeline utilizes Jira, Git, GitHub, Docker, Webpack, Grunt and CircleCI.



Your potential is much more important to us than a list of characteristics. Nevertheless, here is a list of characteristics that we hope already apply to you, or that you’re very keen to develop:

  • You consider yourself fairly expert in at least one OO programming language (not necessarily Ruby).
  • You have built a production web application using an MVC (or equivalent) framework (e.g. Ruby on Rails).
  • The terms OOP, SOLID and TDD make you feel warm inside.
  • You can write complicated SQL statements directly in the console without a query designer.
  • Unix, Linux, Heroku, GitHub and NoSQL are not just made-up words to you.
  • You can describe JavaScript as a functional, prototypal language and know what that means.
  • You have strong Git-fu and can perform interactive rebases from the command line.
  • You’re not afraid to get stuck into DevOps and have a go at, say, implementing Docker in a CI pipeline.
  • You write your best code when pair-programming with another developer regardless of their experience.
  • You wouldn’t write a line of production code without writing a failing test first, because that’s how it’s done, right?
  • You read about programming and technology because it’s a passion, not just a profession.
  • You see legacy code as an exciting opportunity to innovate and make things better.

How to apply

Please send a copy of your CV to: jobs@clickmechanic.com

Apply by email Visit Website



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3rd October 2018

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