Our story

Who are we, why do we do this & where are we going?

Who are we:

We’re a team of passionate Designers & Developers, who strive to make products and services that make your life a little easier.

Our mission:

To make it easier for developers to connect directly with awesome companies and apply for great jobs.

Our vision:

To become the go to place for developer jobs. Taking the stress our of looking for a full-time, part-time or contract job.

Our values:

Genuine. Honest. Transparent. Human. Curious. Collaborative. Inclusive. Different.


Great question…

The idea for Developer Jobs Board has been with us for the last two years. Ever since we started contracting around the UK. We’ve found searching for a new job can be a frustrating process. From incorrect skills (Java and JavaScript is a classic), unrealistic requirements and incorrect locations to companies board casting your personal information around, we’ve seen and tried them all. All these things made us want to try something different. Something simple. Great jobs, direct to the companies.

We want to show the most honest and transparent job positions in the UK. Not only jobs for London but for other major cities too, like: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Manchester, Newcastle, Plymouth, Portsmouth, and even Milton Keynes.

We will do our best to review each job post and question any that doesn’t meet the mark. Displaying jobs for smaller digital agencies and working with developer groups will be a key focus for us. So, we can ensure the best talent to employers. By working only with the best recruiters from our experience, we can bring you exciting roles that larger companies don’t normally advertise.

Simply put. Developer Jobs Board wants to provide an easy to use jobs board, that works amazingly well for companies, recruiters, and most of all developers.

where are we going?

We have so many idea’s like push notifications when awesome jobs come up, using AI to help find the best candidates. User profiles to show developer availability, skills and requirements. All to help connect developers to the best companies around. Hopefully this all will come, but for now, we’re just going to make one great job board with inspiring positions.

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